Saturday, March 6, 2010

How to relax

I am back from a perfect week off at our country home. Kids were off from school and I needed time away from the office. I was lucky to be able to get away for a while. I have a very demanding and rewarding job; sometime I need to get away so I can go back to it rested. My two boys and my husband are very active and we need to craft holidays around relax time and activity time.
With no internet and almost no phone calls, our country home offers the best relaxing time. It is set in the middle of a ski region so we tackle the slope almost everyday.

I enjoy driving to our home.

Nice friends along the way.

Every morning I watched birds feed.

And every nights we enjoyed a nice fire.

Skiing was perfect with sun and very warm weather.

I have done lots of sewing and I will be back with the state of my Quilt project soon.

So here was my week.

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