Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How about a game of tic tac toe

When I was tackling the idea of creating a quilt, I tried several little project to get an idea of it. One was a game for my boys.

Although they are teenage now, we still try a game of tic tac toe on piece a paper from time to time. So here my take of a 'quilt' version of this game.

I sew 5 pieces of 'X' and 5 pieces of '0'.

I used left over fabric from Amy Butler beautiful line Daisy Chain.

And the board was done with natural cotton and small strip of scrap of Amy Butler - Midwest Modern.

This is not perfect at all, but it is great small project.
For an interesting read about this very basic game - tic tac toe

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  1. i love it i also thought about making something similar but, a checkers game my kids liked to play checkers when younger. keep doing your wonderfull stuff. theodora


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